Riflessi is a light fruity Extra Virgin Olive oil. It’s a single variety oil, made of 100% Maurino olives, harvested in October. After filtering it has an intense golden yellow colour with light green hues.


Excellent on beans starters, legumes soups, marinated amberjack, baked potatoes, spelt soup, artichokes risotto, stewed prawns, mussels au gratin, baked rabbit, grilled poultry, goat cheese. Excellent to season robust dishes both cold and warm and for medium-long cooking at high temperature.

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It starts elegant and rotund, with notes of tomatoes and aromatic herbs enriched by balsamic notes of mint, basil and rosmary.


Rotund and full, with notes of lettuce and definite hints of black pepper and almond. Bitterness and pungency are distinct and balanced, with a sweet finish.