Grand crù

Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best of our production. A blend of Frantoio, Moraiolo, Picholine varieties. Intense Fruity, with a limpid golden yellow colour and light green hues.


Ideal on octopus’ appetizers, Chianina meat carpaccio, porcini mushrooms, roasted radicchio, pasta with bolognaise sauce, au gratin fish, stewed red meat or game, hard mature cheese. Excellent to season robust dishes both cold and warm and for medium-long cooking at high temperature.



Definite and ample, with hints of artichoke and chicory enriched by notes of mint, rosemary and sage.


Full and complex with a flavour of lettuce, thistle and notes of black pepper, cinnamon and almond. Bitterness is strong and pungency is distinct.