In 1979 Michele di Gaetano decided to leave Milano with his wife Marina and move to the Livorno area, to realize his dream: start his own farm. Fonte di Foiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1979 is named after the year when all begun, so as to celebrate this important moment in the history of the company. This oil is a blend of Monovarietale di Frantoio.


Ideal on octopus appetizers, meat carpaccio with porcini mushrooms, au gratin tomatoes, beans soups, pasta with sausages, grilled tuna, roasted red meat, hard matured cheese. Excellent to season robust dishes both cold and warm and for medium-long cooking at high temperature.

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Ample and rotund, rich in vegetable hints of artichokes, chicory and lettuce together with balsamic notes of mint and rosmary.


Elegant and complex, with green notes of artichoke, grass and tomato leaves. Bitterness and pungency are distinct and persistent.